about me

This is a place for a working graphic designer to house his design work for various employers and clients, as well as for musing and rumination about design, advertising, and branding.  Here’s a few things people have said about me which I didn’t even have to pay them to write, as well as a short bio:

“Jason is an accomplished Art Director with over 20 years experience in the field (14 of which focused on Business-to-Business advertising) in New York City. He has many award winning designs to his name. His clients have included Panasonic, Sacred Heart University, CIE Tours, ITT Flygt, Leviton and Hubbell, as well as many others. He is also regularly called on to participate as a judge on panels for major design industry awards.”


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason Polkovitz for a number of years, on all kinds of projects for many different clients. Throughout that time, he’s unwavering: Always fun, always creative, always thinking, and always doing whatever it takes to bring the job to most successful resolution for all. Any way you measure J and his impressive talents, he brings lots of value to the table.”

– Michael Podwill, Freelance Copywriter/Marketing Consultant, www.michaelpodwill.com

I created my first professional logo at age 16 for a small gift shop on Long Island. Having always been interested in art and design, I received my formal training at Pratt Institute. In 1994 I started my professional career in publishing, working at such companies as General Media Incorporated as an Assistant Editor in the comics division, the Smithtown News as a production designer, and Starlog Group designing in-house advertising and magazine page layouts. In 1996 I switched my focus to marketing, starting at Marvel Entertainment’s creative services division where I was responsible for creating branding guides and product design concepts for marketing pitches to potential partners (such as Major League Baseball, credit card companies, McDonalds, the Dairy Board, etc.). In 1998, I was hired as an Art Director (later promoted to Head Art Director) at St. Vincent, Milone & O’Sullivan Advertising, where I was responsible for creating advertising for such companies as, CIE Tours International (Irish tourism), IDA Ireland, ITT Flygt, Leviton, Hubbell (creating the logo for their home line of switches and wiring “HomeSelect”), Panasonic (lighting division), Sacred Heart University (creating campaigns in both print and video for the Graduate Studies program), and the Ireland-U.S. Council for Commerce and Industry. I have won several industry awards for St. Vincent, Milone & O’Sullivan, including several first place showings at the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) and served as a judge for two years at the BMA-NY (Business Marketing Association) ACE B2B awards. I have also served as Vice President/Creative Director at RSV Communications, a spin-off of my former employer, St. Vincent, Milone & O’Sullivan. I currently serve as graphic designer for the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City along with various freelance projects. In addition, I have worked on various projects in the entertainment world, including Ringling Bros (preparing graphics for digital printing on fabric to be used in costumes), YouTube (blogger background art), and movies (creating graphics to be animated on the Jumbotron in Ang Lee’s Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk).

I’m the proud father of two wonderful boys and have the great good fortune to be married to an amazing, talented wife (for those interested in her work in theatrical costuming, please visit ericwinterlinginc.com).

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