All up in his business (card).

I belong to a local business marketing group called BNI that works on the concept of giving business leads to others rather than concentrating on getting your own... which, of course, you do. Their motto is "givers gain," which sort of explains the whole concept. Anyway, we're  encouraged to bring in new prospects at our weekly… Continue reading All up in his business (card).

Logo Design 02

This is a design for a new advertising design firm. They were looking for something easily reproduced for billing and invoicing purposes.  

Logo Design 01

Here are some examples of logo designs:Medora Environmental: the parent company of SolarBee. HomeSelect: Hubbell Electrical, which has been specializing in industrial and commercial wiring supplies for over 100 years, decided to get into the home wiring business in response to the housing boom of the time. Here is the logo they chose: And here… Continue reading Logo Design 01