Frankly good

IMG_2697Continuing with our foray into the world of label design we encounter “Frankly Good” released by Hot Dog Vineyards through Jack Jones Wines. The idea was to be fun but simple – getting across the idea of a light, white wine that would be perfect for casual dining. A lot of the artwork on the labels done for our clientele were hand drawn, scanned, and  finished in Photoshop.


All about the mustache and a great glass of wine.

IMG_2440The latest release from Jack Jones Wines. Mustache Vineyards 2011 Pinot Noir. Mustache is branded to be a fun, easily accessible wine that takes taste, although not itself, seriously. The vineyard’s slogan is “its all about the mustache and a great glass of wine.” This is the first of the Mustache Vineyards wines and we look forward to seeing more of them on shelves around the New York area.

Putting a label on it

This is part of some work that I’ve not been able to write about until now. I’ve been designing wine labels for a couple of producers for the last year or so but the wine wasn’t released until recently. The client was looking for classy, yet showing a sense of humor for both the higher end “George” (produced by American Vintners) as well as the more moderately priced “Black Bear/Red Chair” (by Jack Jones Wines). The original designs appear after the actual production bottles (ie: Black Bear is a petite sirah, not a pinot noir). More importantly, however, is that both wines are spectacular. I wish I could take some credit for that…

01052011_GotG_BlackBear RedChair

In Vino Veritas

Tiny Little Mind would like to welcome Grapes on the Go, Inc. to our client family. Grapes on the Go, Inc. is a beverage management consulting firm dedicated to building brands and categories, connecting Beverage producers to importers, brokers, distributors, PR firms and wine writers in the USA and oversee the day to day duties of taking their brand to the next level of success.

The design pictured is a sales piece for Grapes on the Go’s Great Everyday Italian Wines venture. It is a source of great information about Italian wines so that restaurants can find new and exciting wines for their lists; collectors can find out what’s new and when Italy’s best wines are released; consumers can discover great every day Italian wines; and retailers can also work with experts to create an extensive Italian wine collection. Great Everyday Italian Wines also works toward supporting charities such as Vino Care, St. Jude’s Children’s HospitalSecond Harvest and many others.

We are excited to be working with Grapes on the Go and look forward to sharing more of our work with them in the future.