Down(real-e)state New York

tiny little mind has recently been engaged by Clarke Realty to create new business cards and promotional material for their real estate sales efforts in New Rochelle and the surrounding area. When I went up to meet with the client I was blown away by the beauty of the place… even in the dead of this crazy New York winter. I cannot wait to go back up with my camera to take pictures when Spring really takes hold for the upcoming direct mail campaign. Below is newly designed business card concept.

Clarke Realty Business Card Tiffany French FRONT Clarke Realty Business Card Tiffany French REVERSE

In search of a healthy lifestyle…

On the heels of the logo design for The Fitness Detective, here are the business cards we designed. We (and the client) were quite pleased with the slogan we developed for her as well. It helped marry the concepts of detective work and personal training which otherwise might have been at worst meaningless and at best confusing to the target audience. ¬†“Why ‘The Fitness Detective’?” Because we solve the mysteries of personal fitness.


All up in his business (card).

I belong to a local business marketing group called BNI¬†that works on the concept of giving business leads to others rather than concentrating on getting your own… which, of course, you do. Their motto is “givers gain,” which sort of explains the whole concept. Anyway, we’re ¬†encouraged to bring in new prospects at our weekly breakfast and special events. I decided to bring in a fellow I know who does home computer consultation, troubleshooting, and networking. He was running low on business cards and his last one was a bit out-of-date so we decided to sit down and redesign, coming up with a brand-new graphic and slogan…