The math festival this city deserves

The directive was to come up with a logo for what is hoped to become an annual mathematics festival for New York City. In the end, the Museum decided to go for a more generic look for the promotional material, but I was quite pleased with how these were turning out so I decided to… Continue reading The math festival this city deserves

Why I like the new Google logo

I'm kind of glad that the New Yorker published this article lambasting the new Google logo as it helped to solidify my opinion on it. I happen to like the new logo. It does what it needs to do from a design perspective. I don't mean aesthetic, I mean design. It needed to be clean… Continue reading Why I like the new Google logo

Why hire a professional designer?

I own an entire closet full of tools, from basic hammers and screwdrivers, to drills and circular saws. In theory I should be able to create just about any wooden object my family or I would ever need. Why, then, do I buy all my furniture from manufacturers who make these things professionally? Because I… Continue reading Why hire a professional designer?

Don’t fear the deadline.

As with just about everyone growing up, I feared deadlines. They felt like a great wall looming in the mist - something that would race up and slam into me. They crippled my creativity by lacing it with dread. I had yet to understand the great gift that a deadline gives a creative endeavor. By setting… Continue reading Don’t fear the deadline.

Why you (don’t really) hate advertising.

You hear this a lot: "I hate advertising." Most of the time that opinion is based on either display (transit/billboard/etc) advertising or, even more often, online advertising. The thing is, you don't really hate advertising. You just hate how it is done. Before I get into that can of worms and how ads can be… Continue reading Why you (don’t really) hate advertising.

Design and ego.

Design is not a competition. It is not about ego. It is about doing the best job possible for your client. If winning a competition helps the client (or helps you keep your client) that's fine... but it should never be the primary goal of the work. I've both judged and won competitions, and, although… Continue reading Design and ego.

On borrowed interest

Borrowed interest adds nothing but confusion to marketing. If something doesn't relate to your product, service, or company image, it doesn't belong. Borrowed interest belittles your product by showing that you have nothing to make yours the best of the lot and insults your true target audience by promoting fluff over substance.