Go (math) team, go!

Every week, the president of the National Museum of Mathematics creates two puzzles that appear in both The Wall Street Journal and the website varsity.momath.org. The task here was to create a logo for these puzzles for their title: Varsity Math. The number to the bottom right of the logo indicates which week the puzzles… Continue reading Go (math) team, go!

Quantitative smackdown

Below appear two ads (one print, one online - both appearing in the Wall Street Journal) advertising the 2016 MoMath Masters - an annual competition for mathematical geniuses held by the National Museum of Mathematics. These ads (as well as any other MoMath materials) were done as an employee of the Museum and all rights belong… Continue reading Quantitative smackdown

Don’t fear the deadline.

As with just about everyone growing up, I feared deadlines. They felt like a great wall looming in the mist - something that would race up and slam into me. They crippled my creativity by lacing it with dread. I had yet to understand the great gift that a deadline gives a creative endeavor. By setting… Continue reading Don’t fear the deadline.

Logo Design 01

Here are some examples of logo designs:Medora Environmental: the parent company of SolarBee. HomeSelect: Hubbell Electrical, which has been specializing in industrial and commercial wiring supplies for over 100 years, decided to get into the home wiring business in response to the housing boom of the time. Here is the logo they chose: And here… Continue reading Logo Design 01

Past work 02

Here's some more work:From a client called SolarBee. They produce a product that circulates water in potable and municipal water facilities as well as lakes using solar power to avoid algae growth and keep the water clear of any other toxins. These are part of an ongoing testimonial campaign.    

Past work 01 • Award Winning Design

Some past work that have won awards.