PAX East 2011 follow up

PAX East was fantastic. Everyone from exhibitors to your average convention goer were wonderful. Considering the crowds (apparently tens of thousands a day!), it was impressive how polite and courteous everyone was. According to Steve (also Steve), Sacred Heart University‘s representative there, the school’s booth received a lot of visitors who showed genuine interest. I’m hoping to get some numbers on the hits that the site received during (and in the days following) the convention. When I do, I’ll drop them into this post.

By the way… this is the design that the two of us from tiny little mind had on our t-shirts if you happened to see us there. We wanted to create a look that would be fun and eye catching – as well as practical. The QR-code came to this site, where the first post the convention goers would have seen was the PAX ad we did for Sacred Heart University.

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