On art, ego, and appropriation

(I commented on a post by a friend on Facebook and felt a need to share - and expand upon - it here): Art isn't about the artist. It is about how the piece affects the people who view it. If an artist doesn't like another artist that is irrelevant to the work - and … Continue reading On art, ego, and appropriation

Why I like the new Google logo

I'm kind of glad that the New Yorker published this article lambasting the new Google logo as it helped to solidify my opinion on it. I happen to like the new logo. It does what it needs to do from a design perspective. I don't mean aesthetic, I mean design. It needed to be clean … Continue reading Why I like the new Google logo

Why hire a professional designer?

I own an entire closet full of tools, from basic hammers and screwdrivers, to drills and circular saws. In theory I should be able to create just about any wooden object my family or I would ever need. Why, then, do I buy all my furniture from manufacturers who make these things professionally? Because I … Continue reading Why hire a professional designer?

Don’t keep it a secret… (or, an addendum)

The most important part of hiring an outside contractor is communication. And perhaps the most important information that needs to be shared through this communciation is this: When do you need it by? It is at best silly (there's no way for the contractor to plan his or her work flow – see this previous post) … Continue reading Don’t keep it a secret… (or, an addendum)

Don’t fear the deadline.

As with just about everyone growing up, I feared deadlines. They felt like a great wall looming in the mist - something that would race up and slam into me. They crippled my creativity by lacing it with dread. I had yet to understand the great gift that a deadline gives a creative endeavor. By setting … Continue reading Don’t fear the deadline.

Same sh*t, different day… beware of overdoing it on social media.

These days I find there are times that I simply don't want to open my Twitter or Google+ accounts. I follow a few marketing people on both of these services and though there are some who are wonderful and incisive in their observations and choice of post-sharing, others are repetitive in their posts and self-serving … Continue reading Same sh*t, different day… beware of overdoing it on social media.

Why you (don’t really) hate advertising.

You hear this a lot: "I hate advertising." Most of the time that opinion is based on either display (transit/billboard/etc) advertising or, even more often, online advertising. The thing is, you don't really hate advertising. You just hate how it is done. Before I get into that can of worms and how ads can be … Continue reading Why you (don’t really) hate advertising.