Design and ego.

Design is not a competition. It is not about ego. It is about doing the best job possible for your client. If winning a competition helps the client (or helps you keep your client) that's fine... but it should never be the primary goal of the work. I've both judged and won competitions, and, although … Continue reading Design and ego.

On borrowed interest

Borrowed interest adds nothing but confusion to marketing. If something doesn't relate to your product, service, or company image, it doesn't belong. Borrowed interest belittles your product by showing that you have nothing to make yours the best of the lot and insults your true target audience by promoting fluff over substance.

Branding vs Marketing

This morning I read a point/counter-point style article that came my way via Twitter (thanks to @boxofnuts22) talking about the difference between branding and marketing. Here's the gist of it: The first person's explanation was long and winding, full of MBA-style doublespeak and overly complex sentences. Boiled down he says that branding is company reputation … Continue reading Branding vs Marketing

Context in design.

Context is key. You get a lot of people who feel that Helvetica makes everything better and Comic Sans is the typeface of the devil. Here are two designs that follow different philosophies... one based on flat design and Helvetica and one based on a more dimensional design and Comic Sans. I asked my two-year old … Continue reading Context in design.

Let me tell you a story…

That's what advertising is about. It is about telling a story. A story of boy has a problem, girl has the solution. Boy meets girl and she solves his problem. Substitute boy with your target audience and girl with your company and you have an ad. You are trying to convince your target audience that … Continue reading Let me tell you a story…

Empathy and advertising.

By now I'm sure a lot of you will be aware of Hyundai's ad promoting one of their low-emission vehicles. There's this poor soul who, distressed with how life has dealt him a bad hand or something (I'm fuzzy on the details) decides to end it all by committing suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in … Continue reading Empathy and advertising.

Helvetica, the other white meat.

Let me start by saying I like Helvetica. A lot. It is a wonderful typeface with a plethora of uses, but (and here is where I'm going to get in trouble with typophiles everywhere) it is not the be-all-and-end-all of typefaces. It is not, as some would have you believe these days, the bacon of … Continue reading Helvetica, the other white meat.