Past work 01 • Award Winning Design

Tiny little mind is a new creative venture offering fourteen years of design, branding, marketing and advertising experience. Here you’ll find some award winning examples of past work (please note that these, as well as some other work appearing on this site are the property of St. Vincent, Milone & O’Sullivan Advertising and the respective clients, as well as the designer.).
This insert appeared in several Connecticut Newspapers to draw potential students to information sessions offered by the Graduate Program of Sacred Heart University. It has won several SIAA (service industry) awards, all best-in-category.
This piece appeared in both advertisement form (in several publications, including Connecticut Magazine and US News & World Report) as well as transit ads appearing on MetroNorth lines into New York & Connecticut. In both formats it won Gold Winner status (first place) several years running.
The goal of this ad was to point out the fact that ITT Water & Wastewater (most specifically the Flygt division) offers excellent customer service and support post-sale. It was recognized with Signet Research’s AdStudy Award for outstanding readership response as measured against all other ads appearing in one of the industry’s leading magazines: Water & Wastes Digest, February 2009 issue.

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