Changing “Chanels”

On a website I frequent there was a recent entry that was a branding campaign for Waitrose’s premiere line “No. 1”. Most of the branding was beautiful and really spoke to a luxury line of products, but I felt that the logo could use a little tweaking, seeing that it looked a lot like Chanel’s iconic “No. 5” perfume. So I played a little – hopefully showing respect to the designers and the brand.

Go (math) team, go!

Every week, the president of the National Museum of Mathematics creates two puzzles that appear in both The Wall Street Journal and the website The task here was to create a logo for these puzzles for their title: Varsity Math. The number to the bottom right of the logo indicates which week the puzzles are related to – a later addition to the design that I’m quite pleased with. It reflects the theme and is easily changed from week-to-week.