It’s getting real (estate) in here.

Eventually I’m going to run out of real estate puns… or whatever you’d call these truly awful headlines. I was contracted to create a new brand (logo and business card) for a pre-existing client who was considering branching out into the real estate market. We were looking to create a look that said “high-end” condos and co-ops for the up and coming sections of Western Brooklyn & Queens. The venture is still being developed, but the logo and card have been solidified. And here they are:

VVT Realty logo|business card B

Rising to the occasion

Being hired to update a logo concept is an interesting exercise. It isn’t purely creative but a challenge in creating a variation that (one) doesn’t forget the “feel” and (two) respects the original design. I was handed the hand-drawn version which I felt had a very personal feel to it… kind of street and also welcoming to a curious customer. Trying to keep this in mind, this is the final result.

RISE logo redo

In search of a healthy lifestyle…

On the heels of the logo design for The Fitness Detective, here are the business cards we designed. We (and the client) were quite pleased with the slogan we developed for her as well. It helped marry the concepts of detective work and personal training which otherwise might have been at worst meaningless and at best confusing to the target audience. ¬†“Why ‘The Fitness Detective’?” Because we solve the mysteries of personal fitness.


The right “fit” for a logo…

Jannette La Sota is a personal trainer and fitness coach in Queens, New York, who decided the time had come for a fresh new brand for her business. She contacted tiny little mind and after a meeting to learn as much about her business, clientele, target audience, and hopes for the future of her endeavor, we created a logo and began the process of crafting a brand that would fulfill her needs. If you are looking to get in shape, look no further than “The Fitness Detective.”

Fitness Detective Logo FINAL

All up in his business (card).

I belong to a local business marketing group called BNI¬†that works on the concept of giving business leads to others rather than concentrating on getting your own… which, of course, you do. Their motto is “givers gain,” which sort of explains the whole concept. Anyway, we’re ¬†encouraged to bring in new prospects at our weekly breakfast and special events. I decided to bring in a fellow I know who does home computer consultation, troubleshooting, and networking. He was running low on business cards and his last one was a bit out-of-date so we decided to sit down and redesign, coming up with a brand-new graphic and slogan…



Logo Design 01

Here are some examples of logo designs:

Medora Environmental: the parent company of SolarBee.


HomeSelect: Hubbell Electrical, which has been specializing in industrial and commercial wiring supplies for over 100 years, decided to get into the home wiring business in response to the housing boom of the time. Here is the logo they chose:

Homeselect logo

And here are some designs for St. Vincent, Milone & O'Sullivan Advertising that were done around the end of 2008 in response to an office move (it was decided, in the end, to keep the original logo):