Frankly good

IMG_2697Continuing with our foray into the world of label design we encounter “Frankly Good” released by Hot Dog Vineyards through Jack Jones Wines. The idea was to be fun but simple – getting across the idea of a light, white wine that would be perfect for casual dining. A lot of the artwork on the labels done for our clientele were hand drawn, scanned, and  finished in Photoshop.


All about the mustache and a great glass of wine.

IMG_2440The latest release from Jack Jones Wines. Mustache Vineyards 2011 Pinot Noir. Mustache is branded to be a fun, easily accessible wine that takes taste, although not itself, seriously. The vineyard’s slogan is “its all about the mustache and a great glass of wine.” This is the first of the Mustache Vineyards wines and we look forward to seeing more of them on shelves around the New York area.

Fighting for a good cause

tiny little mind is honored to have been engaged by the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens to design material to promote their hosting of one of the Golden Gloves events. The Golden Gloves is an annual amateur boxing tournament sponsored by the Daily News. This event will help to promote the good works of the Boys & Girls Club and sponsors will be contributing greatly to supporting their efforts. If you are interested in contributing and having your business’s advertisement in the event program, please feel free to contact us.


All up in his business (card).

I belong to a local business marketing group called BNI that works on the concept of giving business leads to others rather than concentrating on getting your own… which, of course, you do. Their motto is “givers gain,” which sort of explains the whole concept. Anyway, we’re  encouraged to bring in new prospects at our weekly breakfast and special events. I decided to bring in a fellow I know who does home computer consultation, troubleshooting, and networking. He was running low on business cards and his last one was a bit out-of-date so we decided to sit down and redesign, coming up with a brand-new graphic and slogan…



Putting a label on it

This is part of some work that I’ve not been able to write about until now. I’ve been designing wine labels for a couple of producers for the last year or so but the wine wasn’t released until recently. The client was looking for classy, yet showing a sense of humor for both the higher end “George” (produced by American Vintners) as well as the more moderately priced “Black Bear/Red Chair” (by Jack Jones Wines). The original designs appear after the actual production bottles (ie: Black Bear is a petite sirah, not a pinot noir). More importantly, however, is that both wines are spectacular. I wish I could take some credit for that…

01052011_GotG_BlackBear RedChair