The family that creates laminar flow together…

SolarBee recently ran two ads that had a lot in common. The two people featured in these testimonials are a married couple who are the supervisors of two separate water facilities – Melinda Ward is the Superintendent of a wastewater treatment facility in Eden, North Carolina; and her husband, Michael, is the Director of Regulatory Compliance and Technical Applications of the Public Service Authority across the border in Henry County, Virginia. They both had different issues to deal with and they both chose SolarBee. Did they choose SolarBee based on its ability to get the job done? Yes. Did the advertising have anything to do with it? We can certainly hope so.

PAX East 2011 follow up

PAX East was fantastic. Everyone from exhibitors to your average convention goer were wonderful. Considering the crowds (apparently tens of thousands a day!), it was impressive how polite and courteous everyone was. According to Steve (also Steve), Sacred Heart University‘s representative there, the school’s booth received a lot of visitors who showed genuine interest. I’m hoping to get some numbers on the hits that the site received during (and in the days following) the convention. When I do, I’ll drop them into this post.

By the way… this is the design that the two of us from tiny little mind had on our t-shirts if you happened to see us there. We wanted to create a look that would be fun and eye catching – as well as practical. The QR-code came to this site, where the first post the convention goers would have seen was the PAX ad we did for Sacred Heart University.

PAX East 2011

Pictured above is the ad originally created for GamePro magazine and modified for the PAX East 2011 brochure. If you’ve come across this page by scanning a QR code worn by someone at that event – hello, welcome and thanks! Feel free to go to the Sacred Heart University booth and/or browse around my blog. I hope you are having fun… I’m sure I am.  If you have questions regarding SHU’s program, click here, or stop by the booth – Steve’s a really nice guy, an avid gamer, and is full of great info. Also, feel free to stop me to say hello and tell me what you think about the ad, my work in general, PAX, what I should see, etc.. Certainly, if you want any work done, drop me a line.

Tell me the internet sent you!

In Vino Veritas

Tiny Little Mind would like to welcome Grapes on the Go, Inc. to our client family. Grapes on the Go, Inc. is a beverage management consulting firm dedicated to building brands and categories, connecting Beverage producers to importers, brokers, distributors, PR firms and wine writers in the USA and oversee the day to day duties of taking their brand to the next level of success.

The design pictured is a sales piece for Grapes on the Go’s Great Everyday Italian Wines venture. It is a source of great information about Italian wines so that restaurants can find new and exciting wines for their lists; collectors can find out what’s new and when Italy’s best wines are released; consumers can discover great every day Italian wines; and retailers can also work with experts to create an extensive Italian wine collection. Great Everyday Italian Wines also works toward supporting charities such as Vino Care, St. Jude’s Children’s HospitalSecond Harvest and many others.

We are excited to be working with Grapes on the Go and look forward to sharing more of our work with them in the future.

More awards

This morning the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) announced the winners of their Eighth Annual Awards and two of the ads posted here did quite well.

The following ad won the MERIT AWARD in the category of Magazine Ad, Single:

And this ad won the GOLD AWARD in the category of  Newspaper Ad, Insert:

Needless to say… we’re pleased. Thanks to the judges; the SIAA; and, most importantly, the client, Sacred Heart University.

A quick turnaround

Here’s an ad that was created fairly quickly. The assignment was handed to us last week and, due to business travel, we didn’t have a lot to work with until a few days ago. I’m really impressed with the efficiency that the client and copywriter showed in getting their respective materials to me. It wasn’t originally the intention to reuse the image from the newspaper inserts, but, considering the “looking for” headline, it made a lot of sense here. And it is a “stopper”.

The thought behind this ad is that Sacred Heart University’s graduate programs is adding two new degrees to the lineup and they’re being introduced in the Educational Outlook editions to run in early 2011 by the Hearst Media Group in Connecticut.