Go (math) team, go!

Every week, the president of the National Museum of Mathematics creates two puzzles that appear in both The Wall Street Journal and the website varsity.momath.org. The task here was to create a logo for these puzzles for their title: Varsity Math. The number to the bottom right of the logo indicates which week the puzzles… Continue reading Go (math) team, go!

Quantitative smackdown

Below appear two ads (one print, one online - both appearing in the Wall Street Journal) advertising the 2016 MoMath Masters - an annual competition for mathematical geniuses held by the National Museum of Mathematics. These ads (as well as any other MoMath materials) were done as an employee of the Museum and all rights belong… Continue reading Quantitative smackdown

It’s getting real (estate) in here.

Eventually I'm going to run out of real estate puns... or whatever you'd call these truly awful headlines. I was contracted to create a new brand (logo and business card) for a pre-existing client who was considering branching out into the real estate market. We were looking to create a look that said "high-end" condos… Continue reading It’s getting real (estate) in here.